“We want Berlin to become richer and stay sexy”
Klaus Wowereit, Berlin City Mayor, 2011

“If we as a society want to have professional musicians, how do we intend to pay for them?”
– Jeremy Gilbert, writer, researcher and activist, at Berlin Music Week 2012

I’m a New Zealand-born artist and musician living and working in Europe’s oft-hyped “Cultural Capital” of Berlin for 11 years now. This blog will be following my thoughts and, often, budgets through the year 2013 – a year where I have a lot of decisions to make. In the changing environment of the city and after the slowing of the music industry over the past years – where can things go next? What dreams should I be holding onto? What bullets do I need to bite?

This is a chance for me to reflect on these kinds of questions for myself, but also a chance to ask these questions of a broader audience.

What is it exactly that artists do, and what keeps us working?

I don’t plan to talk too much about my band  in this blog: the point is to encourage thought around working in the arts in general, not to be somehow advertising for my own project, but for the curious amongst you, it’s Princessin Hans.


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